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Tennis   Leave a comment

My new addiction.  Here is my tennis clinic that I have on Saturday mornings.

I LOVE TENNIS! Tennis Clinic2

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Little Italy   Leave a comment

Enjoying a gelato in Little Italy.

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2nd Annual Great Tomato Festival   Leave a comment

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Newport International Polo   Leave a comment

Shared a fun afternoon on Saturday with my cousins at the polo grounds. We all brought food and wine and had a great time.

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Book of Kells   Leave a comment

Went to Trinity College Friday morning to see the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the four Gospels created by Celtic monks around 800 A.D. It is a masterpiece of calligraphy and is Ireland’s finest national treasure (besides O’Connor’s pub in Doolin). Then to the Long Room of the Old Library, which looked like a scene out of Harry Potter. Absolutely amazing.

Afterwards we had a stop at the museum for fun with stuffed animals. From beetles to whales, they had it all.

Next, off for a pint and some lunch to balance out our cultural morning.

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Ragin’ Cajuns   1 comment

I know you have all been waiting for this; the Ragin’ Cajuns sweatshirt has made an appearance. And what happened shortly after we hit the street?? Somebody yells to Lindsay… "Ragin’ Cajun" Some nice folks from Baton Rouge and New Orleans chatted it up with us. The saga of the sweatshirt continues…

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Thursday Afternoon   1 comment

Drove to Dublin this afternoon not knowing what to expect. Alas, we have traded our cows and sheep for tails and tophat. We are staying at The Westbury (a Mother’s Day gift from Lindsay). Dublin has old world charm, and the main thoroughfare, Grafton Street, is pedestrian only, which makes it easier to get to Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

We found a great little pub, McDaids, which we will visit again before we leave town. Dinner was at Trocadero, a wonderful restaurant recommended by our cabbie. Lindsay had the filet mignon, and I opted for the rack of lamb (baaaaa). Fabulous! I thought Lindsay was going to take the garlic butter home.

Exploring more of Dublin tomorrow.

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Thursday Morning   Leave a comment

This morning we visited Kilkenny Castle, home to the Butler family from the late 1300’s to 1935. They were Earls and Dukes of Ormonde and a politically astute family who lived in the castle for some 500 years. The restoration society has done a great job bringing this castle back to its original condition. By the way, the outer stone walls in this place are 10 feet deep. That should keep the neighbors at bay.

Also today when we woke up it was raining. First time since we got here. But once we got ready to leave the hotel, there was hardly a fine mist falling. We have been SO lucky.

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Aylwardstown   2 comments

Today Lindsay and I took a ride to Aylwardstown, Ireland. I had googled it, and it looked like the middle of farmland, so we set Mr GPS and off we went. Upon hearing "Arriving at destination" I have to tell you that all my expectations were met. It was the intersection of two farm roads. That’s it… that’s all. So we got out and had our Kodak moment. Damn shame there was nobody within miles to share our excitement.

But as we drove away and finally came upon some houses, the people waved to us. They must have seen the resemblance.

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Lindsay Weighs In   Leave a comment

Blogging from Ireland is way more difficult than it was in Italy. I think it’s the touch screen tablet. I don’t understand how the kids type on these things. Anyway, here’s what my mom left out.

To say that the roads are narrow is the biggest understatement of all time. I’ll act out a scene from the car.

Mom: I love driving in Ireland! It’s so fun.
Lindsay: Eyes on the roads please.
Mom: Hey look! More sheep!
Lindsay: Whoa. You’re really close to the bushes over here.
Mom: (plays with GPS)
Lindsay: I think I have leaves in my hair. The bushes are literally IN my window.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

And in other news: TV options on Ireland’s main channels include Real Housewives of Dublin (not kidding), Murder She Wrote, and the Irish version of Maury (which we affectionately call Maury O’Povich).

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