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Blogging from Ireland is way more difficult than it was in Italy. I think it’s the touch screen tablet. I don’t understand how the kids type on these things. Anyway, here’s what my mom left out.

To say that the roads are narrow is the biggest understatement of all time. I’ll act out a scene from the car.

Mom: I love driving in Ireland! It’s so fun.
Lindsay: Eyes on the roads please.
Mom: Hey look! More sheep!
Lindsay: Whoa. You’re really close to the bushes over here.
Mom: (plays with GPS)
Lindsay: I think I have leaves in my hair. The bushes are literally IN my window.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

And in other news: TV options on Ireland’s main channels include Real Housewives of Dublin (not kidding), Murder She Wrote, and the Irish version of Maury (which we affectionately call Maury O’Povich).

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