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Sunday – We landed in Shannon early this morning and picked up our car from Hertz. The car is little more than a tin can with wheels, but that’s OK. It gets us where we  need to go. So we thought that driving on the left would be the major concern.  It is not. The major concern is that the roads in Ireland are paved cow paths, nothing more. They are extremely narrow and have absolutely no breakdown lane whatsoever. This means that every time a car passes you from the opposite direction, you hope you still have a side view mirror attached. And the best part is that the speed limit is 100 kph. Do the conversion. I aged 5 years between breakfast and dinner. We were welcomed at our first stop by Mary and Patsy (her husband) Considine. Mary brought us tea and toast in the sitting room, and we all chatted about the surrounding area and things to do. They couldn’t have been sweeter. After a short nap, Lindsay and I headed out to the Cliffs of Moher, a natural phemonenon formed 320 million years ago. Pretty amazing place, and the weather was fully cooperative for a great visit. After The Cliffs we headed out to another amazing place, O’Connor’s Pub in Doolin, where we downed our first pint in Ireland. The walls were covered with American dollar bills and American license plates, a nice welcome for these foreign travelers. We took a little stroll through Doolin, then decided to drive up the coast to view the countryside, and quite a view it was. Expansive green fields with horses and cows and sheep, oh my. Did I mention cows? Yeah lots of cows. They are mooing outside my window as I type this. Tonight we drove into the town of Lahinch and enjoyed a huge serving of fish and chips, then back to our B&B for some much needed rest. It was a great first day of our adventure. By the way, it stays light here until 10 pm. I sure hope these cows knock it off soon.

By the way, we’re having trouble posting pics to this site. Go to Facebook or email me.


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  1. Myra and Lindsay – Hope you have a wonderful week. Let me know what you think is “not to miss” just in case I get a chance to visit. Judyt

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